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TrooponsI don’t know about you but I hate getting rid of expired or about to expire coupons. So I’ve been watching Extreme Couponing, I will never consider myself an extreme couponer though, but I do like to save money. So anyway I was watching this one episode last night on Netflix and the woman was talking about the military and how the commissaries will take expired coupons up to 6 months. I thought cool, but where to start. So I opened up google and started searching. I came across this site called Troopons and you can send your expired or non-expired coupons to them and they will send them to military families. I’ve always been skeptical on things and if it really does go to the families. So I was reading through their facebook page as well and it looks like it really does. So I’ve been thinking while I’m doing my couponing I can always clip or print out coupons for military families. I know it can be hard on them with a small income and every little bit helps. So I’d like your feedback on this. Have you done this or have you ever heard of this. Let me know.

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