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How To Earn With Credit

Ok first off I’m not saying go out and charge up a credit card. If you can’t budget your spending this is not for you. I’ve been there. When I turned 18 I got quite a few credit cards and maxed them out. I ruined my credit and ended up taking out a personal loan and paying all the cards off and it was a nightmare. A few years ago I had re-consolidated my car loan through SEFCU. For those of you that don’t know SEFCU is a credit union in New York State. They talked me into opening up a credit card through them with just a $1000 limit. Told me it would help me raise my credit, blah, blah, blah. So I used it a few times, even though I had a few cards anyway. I would go into the account every pay check and pay half on it. Well, after having the account for a few months I signed it to make my half payment and it was almost at the limit. I almost fell over, someone had gotten a hold of my card number and charged through about $600. Long story short I canceled out the card, had no rewards, nothing but headaches. Now my Discover card wouldn’t have let the charge go through since they do keep track of what you charge. I love the cashback rewards. Right now I’m up to $228 which is going to Christmas shopping. Also right now if you sign up as a new card holder they will give you $50 in rewards as well as me using my referral link. If you think you can handle using a credit card then go sign up, but if you can’t be frugal then stay away.

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