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Viggle – I just started using this one. You basically get credits for watching TV and listening to music. Just open the app and put it next to the TV or radio and it will give you points.
Swagbucks – I got out of this app for a while and decided to try it again. Now you can also have an app that will give you points for watching videos.
Ibotta – I know I’m adding this one again, but I love this one. You get cash back for what you buy.
Receipt Hog –  Just upload your receipts and you will get coins. Once you get 1000 coins you can get $5 back.
Checkout 51 – Pretty much the same thing as Ibotta, but it’s not as restricting as Ibotta.
Cartwheel – This is my favorite since I do my shopping at Target, you can use this app with Target & manufacturing coupons. I started using this app July 2011 and have saved $288. The savings goes from 5% – 50%.
If you use any apps that I haven’t listed hear feel free to share.

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