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Get Paid To Review Movies

admin / January 5, 2018

Want to get paid for just reviewing? It’s easy. You can watch movie trailers, music, and fashion. It’s the easiest money I have earned. The minimum balance to collect is just $10. It gets sent right to your PayPal account. Easy peasy. I just started so I can add more info as I get it. If you’re interested in earning some extra cash…

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Beauty and the Beast

I just saw the new trailer for the brand new version of  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. First thought was wow. I remember as a kid watching it over and over. I think I even wore out the VHS tape a little. Cinderella was up there as well. Every time I was home sick from school it was in the VCR playing…

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Chewbacca Mom

I usually don’t post viral video type posts but this one is hilarious. I did see it last week before it went all viral. I was just sitting at work bored out of my mind and stressed like usual and I saw one of my friends post a video. I love Star Wars, so I figured I’d watch. So funny. It was…

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Looking for Adam [VIDEO]

This video just made me smile. A son is helping his mom find the right man by making this dating video. Any mom would be proud to have him as a son. This video already has over 6 million views.