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I usually don’t post viral video type posts but this one is hilarious. I did see it last week before it went all viral. I was just sitting at work bored out of my mind and stressed like usual and I saw one of my friends post a video. I love Star Wars, so I figured I’d watch. So funny. It was funny because I would actually do something like that. How often do moms actually buy something for ourselves, that we think our kids would like? Never! Even when the lightsabers were coming out years ago, I think when Revenge of the Sith came out in 2005. I actually still have them, I bought three of them one for my son and two for me. Maybe it was a little later because in 2005 my son would have only been 2 years old. So I think I bought them in 2008 when he was five, but still, they were mostly for me and for him to play with as well. I actually just took them out of the shed, so next project will be cleaning them and getting them working again. Sorry I got off topic a little. I found the original post from Facebook, so if you haven’t watched it yet I am posting it. Have you posted a video, not thinking anything of it and it became viral? So enough rambling on, here’s the video from the very funny Candace Payne. Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.

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