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How To Get Paid…By Watching Movies

How To Get Paid By Watching Movies...The Crafty Working Mom #movies #paid
Sound to good to be true? It’s not. It’s rather very simple. There’s three different ways I personally use to make money just by streaming different types of videos from my phone.


Just by signing up for InboxDollars though my referral link you will get $5. I will watch the videos while watching TV. They also have surveys and shopping you can do as well. You have to have a minimum of $30 in order to get a payment. Right now I have $7.98.


Swagbucks is pretty much the same basic concept, except instead of money, it’s SB. You can trade it in for gift cards. This is how I have gotten my son’s Xbox Live Gold for free the last few years. I also print out my coupons through this site. I get 10SB for every coupon I redeem. I also do shopping and surveys as well. I can’t remember how much you get when you first sign up, since it’s been so long. If I remember correctly it was 500SB which is the same as $5.


Now PerkTV has other apps you can sign up for, but this is the one I use. If it asks you for a referral code please put in mine: 0e544ea0. I just let it run. It’s been a while, but I think there’s a sign up bonus as well.
These are the three ways I make some extra side cash. Is there any others that you have used? Let me know.

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