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Our Netflix Binge – A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’ve binge watched on Netflix before, but never with my 13 year old son. Don’t deny it, we’re all guilty of it at some point. I have to say the eight episode season one was amazing. I haven’t read the books yet. I do have them all on my Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. This past weekend we had a snow storm in Upstate NY. So we spent some of the time outside shoveling and the other part inside with hot cocoa watching A Series of Unfortunate Events. Yes there is eight episodes each about 42 mins long. We watched it all in just one day.

After the three young Baudelaire siblings are left orphaned by a fire in their mansion, they are carted off to live with their distant relative, Count Olaf. Unfortunately, Olaf is a cruel, scheming man and is only after the inheritance that the eldest Baudelaire, Violet, is set to receive. The children escape and find shelter with their quirky Uncle Monty and subsequently, their phobic Aunt Josephine, but Olaf is never far behind.

The Baudelaire orphans try and escape the grasp of the evil Count Olaf.
After finally escaping Count Olaf’s clutches the Baudelaires are sent to live with their kind Uncle. All their troubles seem to be over until an unexpected guest arrives.
The Baudelaires are in a compromising position when Uncle Monty is discovered dead in the Reptile Room.
After escaping Count Olaf again the Baudelaires go to live with their superstitious Aunt Josephine.
The Baudelaires are stunned to find Aunt Josephine’s suicide note, but quickly find everything about the circumstances highly suspicious.
The orphans are shipped off to work in a miserable mill with a distant relative who has a complicated name and pays his employees with sandwich tokens.
Klaus continues acting strangely following his optometry appointment, leading the Baudelaires to discover the dark truth behind the Lucky Smells Lumbermill.
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I have to say, Neil Patrick Harris plays Count Olaf, and he is just amazing.  My son just told me he read all the books a few years ago. He must have read them in school because I don’t remember him bringing them home. If you have older children I would suggest watching it with them. Back in 2004, the movie came out and Jim Carey played Count Olaf. I have to say, I was more impressed with Neil Patrick Harris’ acting on this one.

I am really hoping Netflix does come out with a season 2.  Let me know what you think if you have watched this.


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