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Parking….Why Can't People…

howtoparkOk, I am not usually one to just rant. Now with the holiday season approaching, I swear, people are getting dumber. They don’t know how to drive nor how to park. This is a common occurrence in my parking garage at work. They cannot park between the lines. It’s not like it’s one thin yellow line, but two. I walked out to my car last night and had just enough room to back out. I don’t have a tiny car anymore. I have a Camry. It seemed like the domino effect. One idiot just made the whole line park like idiots. I have seen these before, but I wanted to make my own. I’m in my 30’s and I just don’t care what people think anymore.
I’m calling him or her Parking Snail.

If you would like to use it go right ahead. I’m going to print out some today and keep them in my car. If you do end up using this at all I would love to see a picture. Ok, my rant is over for the day. I hope you enjoy your holidays!

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