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Free Road Trip Printables

A few years back, well more than just a few, I made a post about Kids Travel Games. Even a post from 2012 still gets a ton of views. So I figured making a new round up of printable ideas. Since there’s really not to much to do right now, just to get out of the house, here’s some more…

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School Morning/Night Checklist

admin / November 22, 2016

What’s worse than an unorganized school night or morning? Horrible drivers? Nah. Getting that text from your child saying they forgot something. Mine is usually “I forgot my wrestling stuff” or “I forgot lunch money” My son is now 13, yeah a teenager. He will be starting High School next year. I need to get him to get his act together.…

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Parking….Why Can't People…

admin / November 17, 2016

Ok, I am not usually one to just rant. Now with the holiday season approaching, I swear, people are getting dumber. They don’t know how to drive nor how to park. This is a common occurrence in my parking garage at work. They cannot park between the lines. It’s not like it’s one thin yellow line, but two. I walked…

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Free Father's Day Printable

Father’s Day: Two FREE Printable Activities Printable Father’s Day Sheets Father’s Day Printables And Gift Idea Father’s Day Questionnaire Super Dad Father’s Day Coupon Book Father’s Day Chalkboard Printables Printable Father’s Day Gift Labels Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit Father’s Day Subway Art Free Printable Father’s Day Footprint Poem Father’s Day Printables