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Gingerbread People with Glaze Frosting

admin / December 12, 2012

Here are the recipes that I promised. It made around three dozen cookies and I made gingerbread people, trees, and snowflakes. With the glaze I had to add more milk then it called for. With the cookies I took them out after 10 mins. Update: 12/20/20 – I updated the gingerbread people recipe, this one made maybe 2 dozen. They…

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Pate Brisee to Make One Double-Crust or Two Single-Crust Pies

admin / November 28, 2012

This is definitely the best pie crust recipe I have ever made. Plus you use a food processor instead of a pie crust blender, or whatever it’s called. The one where you use your hands. This crust takes me minutes to make and I let it sit overnight. When I’m ready to use it I let is sit out at room temperature…

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