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Weight Watchers: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

admin / December 2, 2016

I made this a couple times last year. Amazing. This is 12SP per serving. I saw cheesecake up to 26SP. I did substitute the almond extract for vanilla extract. Almond is very strong. I do plan on making this again. I only eat cheesecake once a year around my birthday which is Christmas time.

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Weight Watchers: Banana Bread

admin / November 28, 2016

Now who doesn’t love banana bread? I love it. This one is only 4 SP per serving. You have to remember a loaf is 18 servings. So pretty much a sliver. This is what I usually make when my bananas become overripe. I’m strange, I will eat my bananas with green on them still. Anyone else do this? Anyway, I will also…

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Weight Watchers: Bacon & Cheese Breakfast Muffins

admin / November 22, 2016

Oh breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. I could go wild. Who would have thought, bacon on Weight Watchers? Ok, I used Turkey bacon. I hate it alone, but in these. Amazing. The perfect bacon fix. These are worth 2 points each. Weight Watchers: Bacon & Cheese Breakfast Muffins Recipe Type: Breakfast Cuisine: Weight Watchers Author: The Crafty Working Mom…

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Weight Watchers: Chicken Angel Hair Pasta Bake

admin / November 22, 2016

I joined Weight Watchers almost two months ago. I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t restrict what you eat really. For example, my son and I went to Wendy’s about a month ago since we were busy running around. I had my morning coffee, which adds to 2 points. (I get 30 a day). I don’t eat fast food often. It’s rare. So I…

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